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The Tech Talent War Has No End In Sight (Forbes)

Check out this interesting article by Larry English on Forbes.

The Tech Talent War Has No End In Sight. Here’s What You Need To Know

Are you prepared for the coming war? No, I’m not talking about some geopolitical clash, but rather the significant challenge businesses will be dealing with for years to come: The tech talent war.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented wave of tech adoption for businesses across all industries – as companies learned to work remotely and connect with customers virtually, they essentially crammed a decade’s worth of tech adoption and digital transformation into a single whirlwind year.

 Now, big organizations with big budgets are driving up wages, paying more for workers – and not just for workers on the coasts, but for qualified candidates anywhere. In other words, companies are up against wage inflation and a competitive field that includes not just their own backyard but the entire world. This makes the talent squeeze especially difficult for medium- and small businesses.

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